Our technicians are trained in the revolutionary Corning Unicam tool, making installations quick and efficient. We provide certification reports for all of our fiber installations and also offer fiber certification for existing fiber networks.

Fusion Splicing
Fusion Splicer

We recently added our new Sumitomo Electric Quantum Type Core Alignment Q-101 Series fusion splicer. The splicer fuses together each fiber strand with precision, including a test result of the DB loss. The attached heat shrink oven seals the new splice in under 30 seconds, allowing time for the next splice to be started. We are proud to offer this service as it cuts down on material costs and install times, ending in a great value for our clients.


When our clients have unique demands, we come up with an efficient solution.  For several customers now, we have used a partner company to bore holes underneath the ground for communications cabling. They use a machine above the ground to guide the drill under the ground from point to point (they can go hundreds to thousands of feet). Once drilled, they backfeed a 2″ flex conduit with a pull string into the drilled out path. We have offered this service to many of our customers who want to connect fiber between facilities that have parking lots or need to go under roads. The drill can bore right underneath most any obstruction. If this is something you would like to consider, we can setup a site survey for the communications cable (fiber/50-pair/etc..) and also have the land survey conducted to evaluate the cost of the conduit installation.

Demo of boring holes